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Here at Texas Ranch House our head pitmaster, Brandon was born and raised in Texas and has a deep appreciation for quality barbecue.

The passion that drives him today started at a young age while cooking in Kobe Beef Restaurant in Japan.

He’s a third-generation Texas barbecue man that has over the years perfected his style by combining old school and new school techniques on how to make Texas championship quality barbecue…

REAL BBQ smoked with real pecan and hickory wood on a real offset smoker.


               Sushi Shin

Chef Shin, who is the main Chef of Nippon Restaurant Houston-, is one of America’s most celebrated Japanese chefs.

Raised in Takarazuka, a small town west of Kobe, spent his youth hauling fish into the window display case of his family’s seafood shop and delivering his father’s sashimi via bicycle. By high school, his interest in sushi and restaurants had led to dishwashing and later sushi making at Kobe's, known for its 30-year heritage and strict legacy of training young talents.

In 1998, Shin moved to Houston and main chef at a Japanese ambassador of haute sushi cuisine, , expertly demonstrating kaiseki—a notion of natural balance in taste, texture, appearance and color—that lives on in haute sushi today.

Today, Shin is the proud of his Japanese Texas cuisine. You can have his wonderful performance at your special occasion.



Clyde was 11 years old when he got his first camera Koddak Brownie. It cost about ten dollars and was as easy to operate as many cameras today.

His dream is to, one day, photograph an old fashioned baptism in a real river or stream.

He has two passions in life: his love for the Lord and his passion for his Nikon. 


           SoKo Catering

Chef Cody, who was the main Chef of Tony's Restaurant Houston. 

Local Blue Collar Chef of 12 years, formerly of Tony’s, Underbelly, Mockingbird bistro. Bringing the same quality lovable food to your event!

Chef Cody has been running the best and probably some of your favorite restaurants around Houston, Texas for the past 13 years. He would love nothing more than to take care of your wedding, business lunch, birthday, cocktail party or any other event you might need delicious food for. They take care of every detail big and small so you don’t have to. They can custom build menus, help with meal planning and cater. 


Give your daughter an enchanted birthday party she’ll never forget hosted by her favorite princess!
Princess parties are enjoyed by the girls happily. If your kid’s birthday is coming so give the best treatment to them.
Great Ideas for Superhero party for kids’ birthdays: If your kid loves to enjoy games and enjoy private playing with the superhero characters then you can hire Spiderman, Batman for their birthday parties.
There’s nothing like celebrating the most special day of the year with Party Characters.



Hello ice cream fans its becoming that time of the season again and if you have a loved one who has a birthday coming up we can come to the party and bring joy to your day.  People love timmys ice cream so much they make a theme on their chils birthday cake. 

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